Business Systems Analyst

Business Systems Analyst

Role & Responsibilities


Backlog Grooming.   Grooming is the main and most important responsibility of a BSA. This means that the BSA is solely responsible for making sure that there is enough work and items in the backlog or that it has been escalated to management and the client if that is not the case.


Client Reviews & Planning.   Client reviews and planning should follow an SOW exactly and be derived from said SOW. This means that no work outside of the scope of an executed SOW should be done. Also, it means the BSA needs to keep the client on track and to the task.


In the case the client requests something outside of the SOW, then the BSA is to refer to sales and only re-engage the client once a change order or another SOW has been executed


Planning should encompass the BSA fully understanding and being able to replicate any functionality. Sometimes, a BSA will be required to bring on a developer or technical resource to assist in planning.


Ticket creation.   Ticket creation in JIRA or the system of record designated by the client needs to be done prior to engaging technical resources for development. This is a crucial step in understanding the resources needed and the timeframe for executing those projects.


  1. Technical reviews with Developers


Technical reviews are primarily done in a specific cadence. This should be a session purely dedicated to the understanding of the length of time or effort required to meet the objectives of the ticket. Also, there should be no questions left by the developer to start work or estimate a timeframe.

  1. Time Frame – estimate completion of the spec

  2. Technical requirements or adjustments – notes or adjustments by the developer on what is required


  1. Test Plan documentation


Test plans will need to be executed for all tickets. This is crucial to ensuring that both the client and the BSA are on the same page about what constitutes completion of the ticket. Tests should always be signed off on by the client. It is the client’s responsibility to understand the test, but as long as the BSA has received sign-off in writing then the customer has done their duty regardless of the scrutiny of the review of the test plan.


Project Management.   This Is the second most important role of the BSA. This simply means the BSA is responsible to communicate deadlines and timeframes for ticket completion. This will include a cadenced email for summary to executives (typically weekly). The buck stops with the BSA. If at any time a developer is lacking or consistently off in terms of deadlines then it should be escalated to management.


Scrum Master.   All BSA should have a full understanding of scrums and how to operate them within software lifecycles. It is also required to ensure you are comfortable with the software chosen to run the scrum. Certification is not required but a good goal.


Quality Assurance.   This is the final step before giving a product to the client. You’ll need to ensure that the final product has been given its due process to ensure confidence in quality by the client. To ensure mistakes are less common it is good to have independent reviews. This means no BSA should ever QA something they’ve built. Along those lines, a developer should never be allowed to QA something and a BSA should never allow something to progress to a client that they themselves have not reviewed and tested.

Execute test plan.   Test plans should always be executed and passed before moving something onto the client to test. Clients should never follow your test plan. This is something that is to ensure we believe the problem is solved and not the client. Having a client repeat your steps is both burdensome to clients and has no additional benefit. Clients should always have their own test plans on top of your plan to ensure that independent reviews and different walkthroughs result in the criteria being met.


  • 5+ years experience as a business systems analyst
  • MUST have strong SalesForce experience
  • Ability to work in a collaborative environment
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
  • Highly analytical mindset

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